Devin Ibañez – Gay Major League Rugby player supporting Transgender Law Centre

The First Openly Gay Major League Rugby Player & IGR Global Ambassador Raises Over $5,000 In Support of the Transgender Community

London, UK | 27 May 2021

The first openly gay Major League Rugby player Devin Ibañez has collaborated with Queer Latino artist Richard Wilde Lopez to launch a fundraiser in support of the Transgender Law Center.

The fundraiser is an opportunity to support a trans led organization at a critical time for transgender rights. Currently, over 100 pieces of anti-transgender legislation have been introduced across more than 30 states in the USA in the past year. Multiple states have already passed legislation which criminalizes providing gender affirming care to anyone 19 years and younger.

This will put not only trans youth at risk, but also the parents who support them as well as medical professionals who provide essential services. Other states have voted to exclude young trans women from school sports entirely and subject children to harmful and invasive genital examinations.

“It seems that with increased visibility of the trans community, lawmakers have made it their mission to oppress and restrict the rights of trans individuals. The fundraiser is a chance to show how much love and support there is for our Trans family and push back against the horrible rhetoric and policies spreading across the country. The depth of the potential harm of bills being pushed in various states is impossible to quantify. This is an attack on young trans women specifically, but also all young women by potentially subjecting them to the policing of their bodies based on others’ perceptions.” says Devin.

“Trans trailblazers have been central to the country’s battles for justice, from racial equality to anti-fascism. We choose to stand with trans individuals in our shared fight for equality and civil rights. We can no longer sit idly on the side lines.”

Anyone with an interest in supporting transgender rights, especially businesses and members of the LGBTQ+ community who already actively support the trans community, can donate. This fundraiser was even publicly supported by Major League Rugby and the New England Free Jacks themselves.

Donations over $50 made by donors within the U.S. will receive an 8×10 print of the art piece created for the fundraiser by Richard Wilde Lopez. Devin is also using his own platform working with rugby and sporting organizations committed to equality and social justice.

At time of writing the fundraiser had already raised $5,600 towards the initial $5,000 target.

In light of this, they have raised their target to $7,500 to try and provide even more support to the TLC!

To donate visit:

The fundraiser closes on June 6th 2021.

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