IGR20 Video: What does IGR mean to you?

To celebrate the launch of the year long celebrations marking International Gay Rugby's 20th Birthday, we asked players and supporters to send in video clips answering "What does IGR mean to you?".

We’re pleased to present this first video montage of the responses we received from ruggers around the world.

You can watch the video here or at the bottom of this post.

As part of the ongoing activities, we’d love to receive clips from as many of you as possible – all you have to do is record yourself with clear audio and upload the short (5-10 seconds) clip from your phone using the contact form and content uploader at the bottom of the IGR20 webpage here.

We’ll be looking to make a couple more of the montages over the year with all the new submissions from the clubs not yet represented.

Yours in rugby,

The IGR20 Crew



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