International Inclusive Challenge

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IGR has partnered with the World Barbarians Foundation to host a series of exhibition matches during IGR’s inaugural #prideinrugby weekend from 4-6 October in Tokyo, Japan.

For the first time in the history of both the World Barbarians and IGR, we will field 3 sides made up of members of IGR clubs across the world. With participants joining in from London, Sydney, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, New York, Madrid and many others. All coming together for one event in support of the fledgling Japanese IGR teams and to showcase the talent and spirit of IGR players during the Rugby World Cup Japan 2019.

The World Barbarians will field 3 full sides to take on:

Tokyo Crusaders
Beijing Devils
Japan IGR Samurai Warriors

The International Inclusive Challenge will join IGR clubs around the world to celebrating our inaugural #prideinrugby weekend on 4 and 6 October that kicks off a year of celebrations to mark IGRs 20th Anniversary.

Provisional Programme

4 October
International Inclusive Brunch – VIP Launch Event in partnership with Brand South Africa
Captains Run

5 October
World Barbarians 2nd XV vs. Beijing Devils
World Barbarians 1st XV vs. Tokyo Crusaders
World Barbarians 3rd XV vs. Japan IGR Samurai Warriors
Prize Giving Ceremony
England vs Argentina
IIC Party in partnership with the Pride House Consortium

6 October
New Zealand vs. Namibia
Closing Party

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