The new, multi-lingual global website for International Gay Rugby launched today, refreshing our global community’s presence online at the domain. Developed by Yosh Tazaki at Inclusive Advertising, to a brief from the IGR Trustees and Adam Wide, the new magazine-style site hopes to become a central hub for communications with a broad range of IGR stakeholders including members and clubs from across the global inclusive rugby community, affiliates, business contacts and national governing bodies amongst others.

Whilst the (soft) launch today represents a chance for IGR clubs to check the site out, overtime the website is intended to become a comprehensive archive of the IGR, it’s clubs, tournaments, campaigns and characters.

It will also provide info to those around the world considering playing rugby with an inclusive club or seeking out a club in their area with functions such as a Global Club Finder Map and pages for player vox-pops content and tournament history pages waiting to be populated.

Alongside this built-in capacity to grow and evolve, Yosh will be providing ongoing support and producing content in the year ahead to support the volunteers across the International Gay Rugby family, the clubs and it’s regions.

Training will also be provided to the Social Media team and other representatives to enable them and others in the IGR community to use the site as an easy-to-use communication tool and basic admin portal – with features included to allow for simple posting of news articles, the presentation of any team’s scores and basic administrative tasks such as keeping club contact information up to date.

With that in mind, there will be password protected portals for Trustee and ‘News Crew’ activities in addition to upload areas for people to send in their stories, photos and video.

If you would like to provide information or content about your club, a past tournament or campaign you have been involved in, please email David in the IGR Social Media team here.

We’d also love to hear any initial feedback or receive your suggestions for additional content or functionality and receive any photos or video we could use as feature content on the site via this upload link.

  • History of International Gay Rugby
  • Bingham Cup History
  • Mark Bingham Film
  • Alice Hoagland
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Transgender & Non-Binary Support
  • Diversity & Inclusion Task Force
  • Women’s rugby
  • Mental Health Support
  • National Rugby Governing Bodies
  • IGR Volunteer Job Board & Applicaiton Forms
  • Advice for Clubs