Union Cup Becomes An Official IGR Tournament After European Vote

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International Gay Rugby is proud to announce that following a vote by its European, Worldwide and Society members, the Union Cup has become an official IGR tournament.

Following an announcement by IGR Chairman, Ben Owen at the Union Cup 2019 in Dublin on 8 June, a short consultation was launched to discuss making the Union Cup an official IGR Tournament, giving IGR full ‘Bingham Cup style’ oversight and powers of intervention (option 1) or whether IGR should retain its existing advisory role (option 2).

The Membership voted overwhelmingly in favour of a full IGR takeover by nearly 65% of the vote. Prior to the vote, the host of the next Union Cup in 2021, the Birmingham Bulls expressed that they were happy for IGR to take Union Cup in-house.

IGR and the Birmingham Bulls will commence their 2021 tournament planning meetings in August 2019.

Full results:

Option 1 – 47 votes / 64.38%
Option 2 – 11 votes / 15.07%
Abstention – 6 votes / 8.22%
Votes not used – 9 votes / 12.33%
Total vote – 64 out of 73 / 87.67%

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